Early Asian 

Alumni at Cornell 


Asutosh Dutt (Class of 1910)

Bengal, India

Mr. Asutosh Dutt earned both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Cornell. In 1909, he attained a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. In 1910, he earned a Master of Science in Agriculture. Mr. Dutt's master's thesis was titled: Pulvinaria, a genus of coccidae. After his time at Cornell University, he went on to work in Iraq. 

Hiralal H. Pandya (Class of 1913)

Bhavnagar, India

Mr. Hiralal H. Pandya graduated from Cornell University with a Master of Science in Agriculture in 1913. He lived in Bhavnagar, India. After he graduated from Cornell, he returned to India and wrote about American methods towards agriculture and cultivating. He advocated for the systematic practice and education of agriculture through college education and research work.

Surendra Nath Bose (Class of 1917)

Jamshedpur, India

Mr. Surendra Nath Bose entered Cornell in 1915 and graduated two years later in 1917. He achieved a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. After his time at Cornell, Mr. Bose worked for the Hindusthan Association of America. 

Maganty Bapi Needu (Class of 1922)

Ellore, India

Mr. Maganty Bapi Needu graduated from the College of Agriculture. While at Cornell, he was a member of the Cosmopolitan Club. 


Samual J. Theodore

Aruppukota, India

Dr. Samuel J. Theodore received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Cornell University. He received a degree in Divinity from the Yale School of Religion. Dr. Theodore was very active in the Christian community, giving lectures and service in the name of faith. In 1929, he married Hilda Thomas. They had two children, a daughter named Gita and a son named Samuel. At the time of his death in 1936, he served as the Vice President and Professor of Philosophy at Madras Christian College in India. 

Mrs. Shoukat Zafar (Class of 1958)

Lahore, Pakistan

Mrs. Shoukat Zafar did graduate work in the College of Home Economics. She earned her degree in 1958.

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