Early Asian 

Alumni at Cornell 


The Asian Alumni Exhibit would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of the following people:

  • Jenna Belle Bittenbender (Ph.D. 2016) designed the exhibit and researched alumni. Wendy Chen (Class of 2018) provided additional alumni research support.

  • Thamora Fishel (Ph.D. 2001), Associate Director of the Southeast Asia Program, provided overall project management. 

  • Shelley Rao (Class of 2011, M.P.A. 2015), Yiran Du (Class of 2016), Yicheng Wang (Class of 2016), and Jessica Rene Snyder (former member of the Southeast Asia Program) compiled the initial alumni database. 

  • Elaine Engst (Cornell University Archivist Emerita M.A.1972), Evan Earle (Dr. Peter J. Thaler ’56 University Archivist, Class of 2002, M.S. 2014), and Eileen Keating (Cornell University Records Manager) contributed to alumni research.

  • Divya Sriram (Class of 2019) helped redesign and edit the website.


We are especially grateful to Mark E. Hansen (Class of 1979) for his support and ongoing interest.