Jose Reyes '04

Manila, Philippine Islands

Mr. Reyes was the one of the first Filipino students to enroll in studies at Cornell University. In 1902, Mr. Reyes entered the university as an graduate student in the College of Architecture in 1904. After two years, Mr. Reyes left Cornell with a Bachelor's degree in Architecture. 

Antonio Torres '05

Manila, Phillipine Islands

Mr. Torres was the second Filipino student to enroll and graduate from Cornell University. Mr. Torres matriculated to the College of Law in 1902 and graduated in 1905. After his time at Cornell, Mr. Torres returned to Manila. Years later he became the chief of the Manila Police Department. As the department chief, he cracked down on vices such as gambling and prostitution. He also significantly improved traffic conditions by commissioning strategic public works and instituting new safety guides.  

Francisco Agcaoili '07

Philippine Islands

While at Cornell, Mr. Agcaoili was a very distinguished musician. Mr. Agcaoili was the composer of the Cosmopolitan Club march, leader of the Club Orchestra, 1906-07; member of the Filipino Sextetto, and first violin of the University Orchestra.

Tomas Mapua '11

Philippine Islands

Mr. Mapua graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1911. He was the first registered architect in the Philippines, holding Certificate No. 1. In 1925, he founded the Mapua Institute of Technology, which aims to provide technological education for theworking class. It was also the first modern architectural school in the Philippines.

Victor Buencamino '11

Philippine Islands

Mr. Buencamino began his studies at Cornell in 1908. He graduated in 1911 with the degree of Doctor in Veterinary Medicine. He was the first Filipino to earn this degree. Mr. Buencamino was also instrumental in the founding of the College of Veterinary Science in the University of the Philippines. 

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