Asutosh Dutt '10

Bengal, India

Mr. Asutosh Dutt earned both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Cornell. In 1909 he attained a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. In 1910 he earned a Master's of Science in Agriculture. Mr. Dutt's master's thesis was titled: Pulvinaria, a genus of coccidae. After his time at Cornell University, he went on to work in Iraq. 

Hiralal H. Pandya '13

Bhavnagar, India

Mr. Hiralal H. Pandya graduated Cornell with a Master of Science in Agriculture in 1913. He lived in Bhavnagar, India. After he graduated from Cornell, he returned to India and wrote about American methods towards agriculture and cultivating. He advocated for the systematic practice and education of agriculture through college education and research work.

Duane Spencer Hatch '16 & '28

Trivandrum, India

Dr. Duane Spencer Hatch studied at Cornell from 1911-1916 and 1927-1928, receiving a PhD in Rural Sociology, Economics, and Education. While at Cornell, he received the first place for the Eastmen Prize in public speaking. Dr. Hatch was a pioneer in rural reconstruction and community development. In 1916, Mr. Hatch went to India and Mesopotamia for service with British and Indian troops during World War I and later returned to India to begin his career in rural reconstruction under the support of the YMCAs of India. Dr. Hatch was later appointed to the United Nations' Food and Agricultural Committee. After retiring from the YMCA, he served as the director of an agricultural project for the Pan American Union in Costa Rica. Dr. Hatch then went on to establish a Community Development Center for the United Nations (UNESCO) in Sri Lanka. From 1957-1960, he worked in Parker, Arizona as the Director of Community Development for the Colorado River Tribes Reservation. He then retired to Tucson, Arizona where he became a consultant to the Sociology Department at the University of Arizona and Director of Field Work for students working towards their MA Degree in Community Development.

Surendra Nath Bose '17

Jamshedpur, India

Mr. Surendra Nath Bose entered Cornell in 1915 and graduated two years later in 1917. He achieved a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. After his time at Cornell, Mr. Bose worked for the Hindusthan Association of America. 

Maganty Bapi Needu '22

Ellore, India

Mr. Maganty Bapi Needu graduated from the College of Agriculture. While at Cornell, he was a member of the Cosmopolitan Club. 


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