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Alumni Index

With the Alumni Index, one can use the search function to find former students by year, name, degree, or country. Alumni are listed alphabetically by "country in registry." Please keep these considerations in mind: 

  • The alumni on this index include a list of all alumni (Asian and non-Asian) who ever lived in Asia. It does not include Asian Americans who lived in the United States. The list is by no means complete. Most of the data was taken from the Alumni Directories. 

  • Personal names are romanized as they appear in the Alumni Directories. Particularly for Chinese names, these are in an older romanization, but not necessarily formal Wade-Giles romanization. In many cases, they may be mostly phonetic.

  • In accordance with the conventions of the Alumni Directories, students that are married women are listed by their married name. In most cases, we have also included maiden names.

  • Geographic place names are listed as they appeared when the Alumni Directories were created, although over the decades geo-political boundaries may have changed. We have included, where possible, a city and country designation. The city location has been taken from one of the Alumni Directories, so it will indicate where the individual lived when that directory was compiled. Where no location was provided in the Directory, we have gone to other sources, including student registers and genealogical records. In these cases, the location will reflect where the individual lived when he or she was a student.

  • The final column "Modern Region" showcases the modern geographic boundaries of where the alumni used to live. Abbreviations include: PRC = People's Republic of China and ROC = Republic of China.

  • Degree abbreviations also reflect the usage of the time. We have provided a key on this page to help navigate the degree codes.